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posting pics JIMMY/S 5:23am Saturday 3rd Oct
YKS Clothing Gibbon 12:13am Thursday 6th Jun
Events 2019 (dates to be confirmed) voodoo_15_uk 2:15am Wednesday 20th Feb
All England Koi Show sid49 7:06pm Monday 2nd Sep
Well done 14TB 12:30pm Yesterday
YKS Visit Scottish Koi Club JIMMY/S 8:33pm Sunday 15th Sep
Avatar uploading... tonyw 9:12pm Tuesday 17th Sep
North of England Koi Show...Results greysg 8:53pm Friday 6th Sep
Electric heater robbie666 10:57pm Wednesday 11th Sep
Big improvement in about 4 months Paul Dodsworth 11:55pm Monday 9th Sep
Using rubber straight connector on pump dave23869 6:42am Tuesday 10th Sep
FREE PRIZE DRAW JIMMY/S 7:21pm Thursday 1st Aug
Sticking Valves michaelf 9:49am Monday 9th Sep
Scotland visit voodoo_15_uk 9:07pm Thursday 5th Sep
Been shopping paul76050 11:25am Monday 2nd Sep

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 4:34am Thursday 3rd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 3:13am Thursday 20th Nov
2 x Evolution Aqua easypods for sale oscar 1:36pm Yesterday
Pond closure Equipment for sale big h 9:18am Saturday 21st Sep
Ogata chagoi and lemon hariwaki big h 12:40pm Saturday 21st Sep
Im selling up everything must go mattywhart10 12:35pm Saturday 7th Sep
Koi and equipment for sale foxyflugel 1:53pm Friday 20th Sep
Stainless steel submersible uv bracket dave23869 5:42pm Friday 20th Sep
Pond closure koi for sale Nata 5:11pm Sunday 8th Sep
Wanted koi tank 1500L-2000 L Nata 11:20pm Wednesday 4th Sep
Heavy Duty Plastic Boxes voodoo_15_uk 11:55am Wednesday 18th Sep
Various pipe and gittings dave23869 9:07am Wednesday 18th Sep
Pond/Koi filter Aqua Easy Pod ossettred 6:39pm Tuesday 17th Sep
Wanted, I’m currently expanding my pond ossettred 8:03pm Saturday 14th Sep
Air source heat pump for sale TigerSteve 11:13am Sunday 15th Sep

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 11:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 11:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
SALE on koi - upto 50% off selected koi kitsu 7:01pm Thursday 12th Sep
thanks to all my customers,FEW FISH LEFT koimasters 8:44pm Today
Calci worms koimasters 7:57pm Tuesday 26th Feb
Bank Holiday special offers Barnsley Koi 9:55am Yesterday
Drum Filters PAUL/A19 KOI 6:10pm Friday 19th Jul
Saki Hikari deep red 5kg koimasters 8:21pm Monday 15th Jul
JPD Shogun all season 5kg £49.95 koimasters 11:44am Wednesday 10th Jul
Yipee its 18 degrees silk worm time. koimasters 3:47am Saturday 1st Jun
few from Koi Masters new shipment JIMMY/S 11:13pm Thursday 4th Apr
EA Evo Feed Auto kitsu 5:51am Wednesday 12th Jun
kiyomizu foods. koimasters 7:20am Tuesday 28th May
Air Pumps kitsu 3:25am Tuesday 4th Jun
Opening Hours kitsu 1:58am Friday 31st May

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 4:28am Thursday 3rd Jul
Friendly faces at bonsai show 14TB 12:47pm Yesterday
WOW 14TB 7:55pm Saturday 14th Sep
A few more birds of prey 14TB 8:46pm Saturday 7th Sep
Saw these on Sunday 14TB 10:54pm Monday 2nd Sep
Soft draw for city 14TB 9:05pm Thursday 29th Aug
Country File at Castle Howard to Sunday 14TB 11:17pm Thursday 15th Aug
not a good day 14TB 11:09pm Sunday 4th Aug
A pleasant afternoon 14TB 11:50pm Thursday 8th Aug
Bonsai expert 14TB 10:05pm Thursday 1st Aug
Sweet 14TB 5:27pm Yesterday
Don't forget 14TB 9:38pm Thursday 1st Aug
Young Blackbird JIMMY/S 4:19pm Today
From pond to man Cave JIMMY/S 7:29pm Sunday 14th Jul
1st day of spring Sweet peas new hobby 14TB 3:01am Thursday 21st Mar

Koi Health
Parasite Articles A-Z voodoo_15_uk 7:43am Sunday 27th May
malachite green and Formalin introubleagain 4:47am Tuesday 7th Aug
That wonderful formaldehayde koimasters 3:57am Saturday 24th Nov
a good broad range treatment 14TB 8:10am Sunday 3rd Jun
Virkon Mick1912 10:46pm Wednesday 19th Sep
white spot pauland sue 9:02pm Tuesday 3rd Jul

1 member here now - ossettred

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