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Events 2023/24 JIMMY/S 9:54pm Sunday 7th May
Online Application Form voodoo_15_uk 2:29pm Monday 24th Apr
YKS Clothing Gibbon 12:13am Thursday 6th Jun
posting pics JIMMY/S 5:23am Saturday 3rd Oct
A big welcome to Oz 14TB 8:30am Monday 4th Dec
Todays YKS Christmas dinner. JIMMY/S 5:49pm Sunday 3rd Dec
Called to my friends to see new pond JIMMY/S 9:58pm Saturday 2nd Dec
The latest Koi Net Online December mag 14TB 8:50pm Friday 1st Dec
Pete & Laura’s pond build diary voodoo_15_uk 11:08pm Saturday 13th May
Todays 1st winter meeting JIMMY/S 8:38pm Sunday 19th Nov
A big welcome to Karlos1984 14TB 11:29am Sunday 19th Nov
1st winter meeting Sun 19th Nov JIMMY/S 12:49am Friday 3rd Nov
Please give to this dave23869 6:09pm Wednesday 8th Nov
Advice / experiences New guy 3:37pm Friday 10th Nov
The new October Koi net online 14TB 10:56pm Tuesday 31st Oct

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 4:34am Thursday 3rd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 3:13am Thursday 20th Nov
Ultrasieve midi gycbp 7:17pm Today
AquaForte DM VarioS Wi-Fi 35000 AnthonyG 10:05pm Saturday 7th Oct
Koi Food Forsale Saki-hikari & FD - York bigmac191 6:23pm Sunday 26th Nov
Selling full set up due to house move. doscofish 8:43pm Tuesday 31st Oct
Equipment for sale Sfox 2:23pm Tuesday 10th Oct
Wanted Pond Window 14TB 7:55pm Monday 30th Oct
Gas Boiler pat27 12:29pm Wednesday 4th Oct
Profi Drum Eco 45/40 Sfox 7:35pm Tuesday 31st Oct
Pond closure koi and equipment for sale. craig b 6:53am Wednesday 9th Aug
Pond vac Gibbon 7:09pm Tuesday 13th Jun
Two Matsue Kohaku's for sale AnthonyG 1:34pm Sunday 1st Oct
Fish 4 sale Knutton01 8:23pm Saturday 30th Sep
Mukashi Ogon for sale AnthonyG 1:35pm Sunday 1st Oct

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 11:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 11:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
QUENI SALE LAST DAY 14TB 4:07pm Wednesday 29th Nov
QUENI BLACK FRIDAY SALE 14TB 6:59pm Monday 20th Nov
All sponsors Sfox 1:09pm Thursday 9th Nov
Queni new koi sale 14TB 10:33pm Friday 20th Oct
Queni new koi 14TB 3:56pm Wednesday 26th Jul
This years stock of natural foods koimasters 5:13pm Thursday 20th Jul
Saki hikari balance and growth koimasters 5:10pm Thursday 20th Jul
Last few Tosai to be cleared koimasters 5:07pm Thursday 20th Jul
Methley Koi 14TB 9:24am Thursday 22nd Jun
new Queni Koi video 14TB 6:42pm Monday 29th May
Dock Koi new tosai 14TB 9:44pm Monday 15th May
The Oaks Koi Farm 14TB 4:20pm Friday 12th May
The Oaks Koi Farm 14TB 9:32am Thursday 4th May

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 4:28am Thursday 3rd Jul
Diesel costs and cheapest supplier 14TB 10:17am Wednesday 29th Mar
fuel rip off 14TB 11:38pm Wednesday 1st Nov
Doncaster Bonsai Boot Sale 14TB 10:41pm Sunday 10th Sep
Favourite tree 14TB 10:46am Saturday 9th Sep
Ray Cauldwell's bonsai videos 14TB 11:28am Saturday 9th Sep
Roys Bonsai tips July 14TB 8:46pm Tuesday 18th Jul
A bonsai artist 14TB 12:06am Tuesday 18th Jul
Roy Hicks Bonsai tips June YKS archive 14TB 10:53pm Wednesday 31st May
Interesting E V s 14TB 9:34pm Tuesday 23rd May
Roy's bonsai tips May YKS archive 14TB 3:37pm Thursday 11th May
a short video 14TB 12:10am Monday 10th Apr
Roy Hicks Bonsai tips April 14TB 10:10am Yesterday
Birmingham Bonsai Boot Sale 14TB 7:51pm Sunday 26th Mar

Koi Health
Parasite Articles A-Z voodoo_15_uk 7:43am Sunday 27th May
Pond upkeep Phoenix17 1:28pm Monday 17th Jul
Ongoing problems, please help jak_jones 2:23pm Sunday 4th Jul
Flukes Graham 3:06pm Monday 29th Aug
Warning Graphic images topsy 10:20am Thursday 12th Mar
A unique showa? 14TB 5:44pm Friday 7th Jan
Sodium Thiosulphate 14TB 11:55am Tuesday 27th Apr
chilodonella bazmaraz 6:20pm Sunday 6th Sep
Posts zzmick 11:12pm Friday 19th Mar
Virkon Mick1912 10:46pm Wednesday 19th Sep
Proflavin sanketyke 5:43pm Friday 24th Apr
Advice please eagleowl007 9:23pm Wednesday 17th Jun
please help jimmy69 6:04pm Friday 22nd May
a good broad range treatment 14TB 8:10am Sunday 3rd Jun
malachite green and Formalin introubleagain 4:47am Tuesday 7th Aug

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