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"YKS Clothing" 12:13am Thursday 6th Jun | message edited 2 times

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from: Wakefield

Hi Guys I have a few pics of Hoody's and Polo shirts.

Please contact me if you would like to order anything see below what we can supply.
Other colours are available.

T Shirt - £9.95
Polo shirts - £14.95
Sweatshirts - £16.95
Hoody (Pull on) - £18.45
Hoody (Zip up) - £21.45
Fleece Jacket - £24.45
Prices include YKS emblem (£3.50 extra if you would like your name on )


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"RE: YKS Clothing" 12:15am Thursday 6th Jun

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from: Wakefield

These examples will be on show on this Sundays pond visits.


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"RE: YKS Clothing" 7:56pm Thursday 13th Jun

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from: York

Love mine thank you!


normanbykoi"RE: YKS Clothing" 6:56pm Thursday 5th Dec
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Please could you send me a list of what you have for sale, I am after xl tee shirt and zip up fleece, no hood.

Cheers John
dave23869"RE: YKS Clothing" 5:46am Thursday 17th Sep

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from: near whitby north yorkshi

I will have a black zip up fleece and a few of the polo t shirts if you pm me ways to pay and a price including postage that will be great thank you

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