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YKS Events 2022/2023 sid49 5:24pm Tuesday 22nd Feb
2022 Koi Shows sid49 5:48pm Tuesday 22nd Feb
YKS Clothing Gibbon 12:13am Thursday 6th Jun
posting pics JIMMY/S 5:23am Saturday 3rd Oct
Not long to wait for National Koi Show 14TB 9:21pm Yesterday
Head loss in new bio dave23869 8:36pm Thursday 2nd Jun
Pipe work from drain to filter deano 7:11pm Monday 20th Jun
Large water tanks Flipb 2:01pm Sunday 19th Jun
A big welcome to Flipb our latest forum 14TB 10:21pm Thursday 16th Jun
Not feeding Steven Doneena 8:40pm Friday 10th Jun
BE AWARE OF THIS PREDATOR 14TB 9:21am Monday 13th Jun
A big welcome to Darfish 14TB 11:02pm Saturday 11th Jun
Manufacturers Changes michaelf 8:52am Tuesday 31st May
Koi been pinched dave23869 7:49pm Friday 20th May
Today’s visit sid49 8:25pm Sunday 5th Jun

For Sale
Dealers - Please Note RoyH 4:34am Thursday 3rd Jul
E-BAY SALES RoyH 3:13am Thursday 20th Nov
Virkon Aquatic JIMMY/S 11:03pm Saturday 21st May
Items for sale nickd 8:45pm Wednesday 22nd Jun
Profi feeder All4koi 7:38pm Wednesday 22nd Jun
large koi vat deanalex77 1:26pm Tuesday 21st Jun
Wanted 4inch pipe deano 8:26pm Friday 10th Jun
2kw titanium elecro heater 14TB 6:47pm Sunday 19th Jun
suoerfish koi -flo 60 14TB 12:13am Saturday 18th Jun
KOI QUANTINE/GROW ON VAT stu big fish 11:15pm Monday 13th Jun
Eazy Pods & EA 70 Air Pump for Sale ! kathsi 8:31pm Thursday 9th Jun
Koi for sale curriekoi 7:05pm Tuesday 7th Jun
Pond Equipment for Sale anthonypaulbrewis 3:25pm Friday 3rd Jun
Superfish Highflow 30000 Jonboykoi 5:20pm Sunday 5th Jun
Evolution aqua vari pump 10000 dave23869 11:23am Sunday 5th Jun

Dealer Ads
Dealers -Information on posting JIMMY/S 11:15pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
YKS POLICY ON KOI SALES RoyH 11:32pm Wednesday 2nd Jul
Natural feeds back in stock koimasters 11:30am Yesterday
Sanke bazkoi 9:11pm Sunday 14th Nov
Koimasters Clearing down sale. koimasters 10:56am Friday 22nd Oct
SALE !!!! MASSIVE REDUCTIONS!!! bazkoi 11:05am Thursday 30th Sep
Mukashi bazkoi 3:03pm Tuesday 12th Oct
73 cm matsunoske sanke £600 koimasters 8:38pm Thursday 5th Aug
Bargain KIO MIZU 7kg for junior koi £45 koimasters 8:36pm Monday 16th Aug
saki hikari balance 15 kg koimasters 9:40am Thursday 5th Aug
NEW QUARANTINED TOSAI koimasters 11:40am Sunday 23rd May
Items for sale bazkoi 9:36pm Sunday 18th Apr
new website koimasters 1:19pm Thursday 18th Mar
saki Hikari koimasters 7:51pm Friday 12th Mar
Saki Hikari calenders 2021 koimasters 10:35am Monday 15th Feb

Cafe Bar
Inappropriate Posting RoyH 4:28am Thursday 3rd Jul
Not for the faint hearted 14TB 4:38pm Sunday 19th Jun
Look what’s piped onto bird table dave23869 10:22pm Friday 3rd Jun
Bonsai at Chelsea flower show 14TB 1:14pm Saturday 28th May
osprey chick hatch 14TB 10:32pm Thursday 19th May
even osprey get intruders 14TB 10:08pm Tuesday 10th May
For bonsai lovers 14TB 9:27pm Friday 6th May
ospreys 14TB 11:43pm Today
2022 Plum Blossom Bonsai with 300 year 14TB 11:57pm Friday 18th Feb
Another osprey youtube 14TB 9:40am Sunday 17th Apr
A trident repot 14TB 8:54pm Saturday 19th Mar
Root over rock 14TB 8:15am Monday 7th Mar
more bonsai 14TB 11:36pm Yesterday
Anyone want to buy 14TB 11:46pm Saturday 12th Feb
Another quick bonsai 14TB 9:17am Monday 7th Feb

Koi Health
Parasite Articles A-Z voodoo_15_uk 7:43am Sunday 27th May
Warning Graphic images topsy 10:20am Thursday 12th Mar
A unique showa? 14TB 5:44pm Friday 7th Jan
Ongoing problems, please help jak_jones 2:23pm Sunday 4th Jul
Sodium Thiosulphate 14TB 11:55am Tuesday 27th Apr
chilodonella bazmaraz 6:20pm Sunday 6th Sep
Posts zzmick 11:12pm Friday 19th Mar
Virkon Mick1912 10:46pm Wednesday 19th Sep
Proflavin sanketyke 5:43pm Friday 24th Apr
Advice please eagleowl007 9:23pm Wednesday 17th Jun
please help jimmy69 6:04pm Friday 22nd May
a good broad range treatment 14TB 8:10am Sunday 3rd Jun
malachite green and Formalin introubleagain 4:47am Tuesday 7th Aug
That wonderful formaldehayde koimasters 3:57am Saturday 24th Nov
white spot pauland sue 9:02pm Tuesday 3rd Jul

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