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All4koi"Water company " 11:25am Tuesday 25th Jun

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Hi just a bit of advice please. We are not on a water meter but the water company put a digital meter on the line and now are saying we have a water leak. My question is do I tell them I have a pond and can they make me go onto the meter ? Thanks in advance ????

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"RE: Water company" 3:44pm Tuesday 25th Jun

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my son suddenly got a large increase in his water bill & he was on a meter, but he turned all his taps of & his meter was still spinning & it turned out the leak was outside in the road, so not his problem, the leak was fixed & he got a rebate. hope you get yours sorted

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All4koi"RE: Water company" 9:30pm Wednesday 26th Jun | message edited 3 times

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All sorted now I told them I had a pond and they said they can see I’m on a rateable tariff and can’t put me on a metered charge without consent from me. Needless to say they will never get my consent

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"RE: Water company" 11:11am Tuesday 2nd Jul

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Nice one Mark, good advice for everyone NO CONSENT.

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