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dayley19"Fish for sale - need to go asap" 9:50am Friday 10th May
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Good morning everyone,

(Apologies, I initially put this post under the wrong topic heading.)

We have inherited (through a house purchase) a large pond with 20-30 Koi carp and other fish.

No instructions were left as to how to look after them and on top of that the pond has a leak and is losing water, fast!

We have 3 pumps/filters and a UV filter - however, the state of the pond water when we moved in wasn't great and we are struggling to improve it - therefore we need to relocate the fish as soon as possible.

Photographs can be provided of the fish - thank you.
kensmith"RE: Fish for sale - need to go asap" 5:52am Saturday 11th May
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It always helps if you provide a location too. There may be someone local who can help identify where the leak is and how to improve the water


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