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"First warm winter" 9:06am Thursday 2nd Sep | Moved from Koi Health
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Good morning to you all. I know that parasites and bacteria have been such a huge issue to almost everyone I've spoken to this season and I've had my fair share too. So for this winter I've decided to heat my main pond for the first time ever I've read in places that the cold of the winter is the best weapon to totally wipe out any illness from my pond. But I can't help but think that keeping my fish in an environment where they can be looked after to a higher degree and keep their strength up to fight any themselves is an idea which can't be overlooked. As I said this will be my first time heating outdoors so any ideas would be very much appreciated right now (before I get that first electricity bill) Kindest regards. David

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"RE: First warm winter" 10:26am Thursday 2nd Sep | message edited once

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If heating, your koi will probably appreciate that Dave.Many say 13/14c is the lowest you should go.

Ensure that you are on a very good energy tariff and that you are well insulated ,covered with polycarb or you might get a big bill shock.



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Heating is good for Koi as they don't like cold temperatures Dave. I keep my pond at 12deg throughout winter and feed small amount of wheatgerm every two days some don't feed at all its up to you.
Heating is good to prevent temp fluctuations mainly in Autumn and Spring where if can be sunny and warm some days and freezing at night.
As Tony says insulate as much as possible to save on the energy bills.


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