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pat27"Pump Recommendations " 8:53pm Saturday 28th Aug

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from: Beverley,East Yorkshire

I’m currently running an Oase Eco Classic Dry 15000 it's a great pump at around 70 watts ,but I need a bit more turnover so I was thinking about the EA Vario 20000 , any one running these or can recommend a low wattage dry pump with around 20,000 litres or more per hour?

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"RE: Pump Recommendations" 9:00pm Saturday 28th Aug

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Don't have the answer for you Pat don't run vario pump but great question.
Think with the way electricity costs are going the energy efficiency of everything we use and reliability should be major considerations.


big h"RE: Pump Recommendations" 5:17am Sunday 29th Aug
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from: howden

Messner Auga Pat.Superior to the rest,but comes at a price.Mine hasnt missed a beat,and very powerful.1% increments .Suprisingly economical . Ive had mine 5 years,and if it broke today i would buy another
pat27"RE: Pump Recommendations" 10:04am Sunday 29th Aug

joined: 30th Mar 09
last here: 8:13am Monday 30th Aug
posts: 742
from: Beverley,East Yorkshire

Yes it's quite staggering how some so called ‘eco’ pumps run at 250-300 watts! One of my friends has a very old sequence pump which runs in KW’s !

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"RE: Pump Recommendations" 2:30am Tuesday 31st Aug

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from: near whitby north yorkshi

I have two 20000 variflow pumps one evolution aqua one jebao tsp 2021 model out of the two price and value for money jebao and unlike the ea one it turns off when no flow £176.48 from fastlight a lot cheaper than others and it does the job same warranty too

4000 gallons queni koi drum and jbr plastics bio chamber drum fed from bottom drain 3 inch gravity skimmer also into drum 55 watt submersible uv 240 litres air and 12 fishI

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