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stevep"Pond closure due to house move" 10:19am Saturday 7th Aug | message edited 2 times
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from: Barnsley

I am having to close my pond down due to imminent house move. All the equipment will be for sale once the fish have gone.
All the fish sizes are approx due to most fish never been out of the pond since I purchase them (most of them) from Chris at Koimasters.
All fish sold pending collection
2 lovely clean chaga’s at 70cm plus
Yamabuki Ogon at 75cm plus
Really nice Ochiba 60cm
Hariwaki approx 55cm
Shiro (has lock jaw) 60cm free to good home
Kigoi at 65cm
Showa approx 60cm
3 Kohaku’s various sizes

Open to sensible offers on the above.

The equipment inc’s

Genuine Momataro Bakki shower with front weir. Comes with 40/50kg of genuine BHM and 20kg of Bacteria house media £695
A UB60 bead filter with bypass. Reserved
10.5kw ASHP. Bargain £495
Ultra sieve 3 and a midi sieve. MIDI still available £170
3 x 20000L supafish pumps open to offers
2 x EA air pumps (90 & 110L I think) open to offers
About £300 worth of brand new 2 inch pipe and bends etc. Open to offers
Hanna test meters. Open to offers
Bowl & Net. offers
Several valves inc 2 X 4 inch and 4 x 2 inch. Open to offers

Again I’m open to sensible offers on all the equipment.

Anyone wanting to view the fish etc pls give me a ring or text 07780703225

JoeJames"RE: Pond closure due to house move" 4:33pm Saturday 7th Aug
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Hi Steve, I've dropped you a text.

07795577009 (
jimmy69"RE: Pond closure due to house move" 11:09am Sunday 8th Aug

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from: GOOLE

hi steve im interested in one of your chags can you send me pics of others too and a price please pal
regards jimmy
07747826180 or
whatsapp jimmy aldridge"RE: Pond closure due to house move" 10:18pm Tuesday 10th Aug
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from: Sheffield

Hi Steve interested in kohaku’s and chagas and the Bakki shower

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