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"Trip to Methley Koi" 12:56am Sunday 18th Jul

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from: West Yorkshire

Had a ride round to see Baz at Methley Koi. Well worth a trip his new Polly Tunnel ponds are almost finished (QT is) See pics below of some fish we bowled.


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"RE: Trip to Methley Koi" 10:04am Sunday 18th Jul

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Some nice koi there Jimmy.


bazkoi"RE: Trip to Methley Koi" 9:45pm Monday 19th Jul

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from: methley leeds

Thanks Jimmy
It was good to have a catch up it’s been a long time
I’m slowly getting things ship shape but it’s been hard work doing a full time job as well but I retire soon and will be putting 100% into Methley Koi
The Shiros are now out of QT after being heat ramped over the last eight weeks
Today I have been busy fitting another Drum to one of the new ponds
My aim is to have all pond running on drums , bio chambers and showers then finish the floor to the poly tunnel before the end of summer

Regards Baz

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"RE: Trip to Methley Koi" 12:36am Tuesday 20th Jul
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from: Bradford.

Got 2 koi from baz last year and both are thriving.
One of them has grown considerably well.

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