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"Food for thought?" 10:54am Saturday 10th Jul | message edited once
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Right then,
This koi keeping game can be a real head banger at times or it is for me anyway.
I'm now at the end of my 2nd year and I have had my fair share of parasite issues which have been pretty much dominated by fluke issues.
I have added fish as you would expect since I started in july of 2019 and kept records every week of every water test and every issue. Also within that time I have fed my koi various foods to try and find one I'm happy with as most of my koi did not really grow. Basically I'm still learning and last year I questioned myself why I'm putting myself through all this crap battling flukes every bloody month.
This year has been somewhat different....
I have not added any new fish and stuck with the 10 koi.
I have also paid the money and started feeding saki hikari balance koi food.
Now since I changed to hikari all my koi have grown considerably well and also I have not had any fluke issues....touch wood.
There are so many ifs and buts.......
I believe every pond has parasites to some extent and your pond is never parasite free but
With my pond being settled this year with no new introductions and the change to a high quality food,
I think what parasites are in my pond ( as there will be some) are being dealt with by the immune system of the the koi and not only that, there is plenty of room in my pond for growth as I'm not overstocked by any means which could also be a factor as maybe the koi are not stressed.
To be honest I dont know and maybe I'm overthinking things abit and no doubt I will get issues eventually but whatever I have done this year I have definitely dont right as my koi are thriving and at this moment in time I and happy😄
Regards rob


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"RE: Food for thought?" 1:43pm Saturday 10th Jul | message edited once

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Hi Rob glad things are going well for you this year.

In my opinion the food that you are feeding is very good.
Your self control in keeping to 10 koi has many benefits.
The koi have plenty of room to grow.
Reduced stocking will improve the water parameters.
Some parasites need to find a new host in a short timeframe, harder with less koi.
You will almost certainly still have flukes and other parasites but at a reduced level.
Have decided that when I move home I will have a similar koi self control and only buy koi on a one in one out basis.

Just my thoughts others may disagree,your pond is superb by the way Rob.

For people who might not have seen Robs pond.



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"RE: Food for thought?" 11:56am Monday 12th Jul

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Good to hear your pond and fish have now settled, this part of the hobby is so rewarding.
Over time you gather experience to be able to handle problems that occur with you pond/equipment and of course fish as know one is exempt from problems.
You have shown great will power Rob to stay with the number of fish you have as buying new fish is so tempting
as well as overfeeding.
Overstocking and overfeeding will cause problems so good on you, really Looking forward to seeing your set up and fish Rob.

Regards Jim

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