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pauland sue

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"pond visit" 2:58pm Tuesday 6th Apr
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So guys because Shaun Gee lives where he does as some of you may know he is a bit off the beaten track,he has kindly offered to open his ponds.He has said we can as a club go and visit his ponds as a seperate visit,so with that in mind I propose that we go as a club on Sunday the 25th of July.Because he is prepared to put food on for us could I please have a rough estimate of numbers.I have checked this date does not clash with any shows.

4800gallons block built and fiberglassed 2x spindrifter bottoms ,profi combi 50, amalgam uv and a bakki shower and CL10

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"RE: pond visit" 3:08pm Tuesday 6th Apr

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That’s very good of Shaun.
I am sure everyone will appreciate it look forward to the visit.
Well done Paul.
See you all then Glenn.

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"RE: pond visit" 4:26pm Tuesday 6th Apr

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Sounds excellent. Nice one Shaun

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"RE: pond visit" 4:52pm Tuesday 6th Apr

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from: Halifax

Great stuff Shaun. I’m up for it.

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"RE: pond visit" 8:53pm Tuesday 6th Apr

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from: Selby, N.Yorks

Count me and Gina in Paul.


jap koi shaun

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"RE: pond visit" 9:29pm Tuesday 6th Apr
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from: broomfleet e.yorks

More the merrier look forward to seeing you all .

YKS moderator team..
"RE: pond visit" 11:35pm Tuesday 6th Apr

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Should be a great day Shaun has some cracking Koi and great ponds/Filter systems. Looking forward to seeing all his alterations.


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"RE: pond visit" 11:45pm Thursday 8th Apr
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from: Bradford.

Count me in please......and maybe helen too.

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