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For Sale - Hobbyist small ads and wanted - non trade.


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"Koi For Sale" 4:21pm Sunday 28th Mar | message edited once
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Making space in my pond. Pond is currently at 14 degs C. All koi very healthy. Priced to sell. Can hold if you're not heated. Have bags. Please telephone Pete 07710 441834/01423 340240 for more info.

Budo Goromo 70cm. Good body shape £350. ***SOLD***

Ginrin Benegoi 68cm. £150 ***SOLD***

Sanke 57cm. Great pattern and body shape but fading a bit. £100

Kohaku 63cm. A few shimmies £100 ***SOLD***

Ochiba 44cm. £100 ***SOLD***

Kumunru 42cm. £100 *SOLD***

Goshiki 50cm. Very clean £350 ***SOLD***

toby"RE: Koi For Sale" 9:12pm Sunday 28th Mar

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Have sent you a text.
WarenKing"RE: Koi For Sale" 4:58pm Friday 2nd Apr
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Hi, is the goshiki still available?

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