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"Winter regime" 11:27am Wednesday 6th Jan

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Hope everyone is well,

Just wandering whet peoples winter regimes and thoughts are?

My pond is totally covered and has been for some time now. Temperature set at 13 degrees and will stay there until the end of February.

I have also slowed my shower down, to take the chill off, along with my trickle in down to 10% and feeding seized for six weeks.

The latter is the hardest one, due to fish still showing interest.


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"RE: Winter regime" 4:12pm Wednesday 6th Jan

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Hi Steve,
I am probably doing it all wrong but this is what I do.

Indoor tank maintained at 12c being fed 6 to 8 times a day small amount of wheatgerm or all season, as soon as I open the door they are looking for food. Will bring temp up to 16c in early March

Outdoors unheated not been fed much for a few weeks, always feed a small amount of wheatgerm (mornings only) if the koi are looking for food and temp is 8c or higher.
Have noticed the koi are always looking for food just before a cold spell and they are good weather forecasters.

I believe if the koi are actively looking for food they need some as they will be expending energy and body mass looking for food .



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"RE: Winter regime" 8:11pm Wednesday 6th Jan

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Nice one Tony. I don’t believe anyone is right or wrong. It’s what suits you and your fish.

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"RE: Winter regime" 4:23pm Thursday 7th Jan

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Ime same as you Steve 13deg and covered + enclosed feeding a little wheatgerm once a day and the fish are looking good.


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