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For Sale - Hobbyist small ads and wanted - non trade.

savo"Fish for sale" 2:20pm Sunday 13th Dec
joined: 11th Oct 10
last here: 10:09am Thursday 17th Dec
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from: boston lincolnshire

Hi I'm moving house and looking to move koi on if anyone is interested, Boston Lincolnshire.

6,000gallon block and fibre glass pond with two bottom drains,two 130heat exchangers on oil, one aquamax 12,000 pump,one superfish 15,000, 75watt koi pro uv,100ltr medo air pump,nexus 210,ub60 with kinshi sieve.
Littleemma"RE: Fish for sale" 2:58pm Sunday 13th Dec
joined: 7th May 11
last here: 11:49am Yesterday
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hi can you send plcs and prices to cheers
matthewmorgan"RE: Fish for sale" 4:51pm Sunday 13th Dec

joined: 1st Sep 12
last here: 7:56am Yesterday
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from: pontefract

Emailed u
deanalex77"RE: Fish for sale" 8:36am Monday 14th Dec
joined: 9th Nov 20
last here: 8:29am Wednesday 20th Jan
posts: 19
from: East yorkshire please send list

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