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Autumn Harvest kitsu 4:38pm Friday 6th Nov [open all]
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kitsu"Autumn Harvest" 4:38pm Friday 6th Nov

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We feel that any serious koi business should visit Japan to buy stocks, but this year is like no other. The logistics make it almost impossible (apparently I have used my holiday allowance this year 🤔).

However, we have two fantastic agents working for us in Japan at the moment and we are about to close off our first harvest shipment today, and have already bought koi in Niigata for a second shipment. There is also a collection of koi building up for us to ship in the south of Japan.

If you are looking for a particular koi, then please get in touch and we will do our best to satisfy any reasonable request.

This year the breeders association set up a website for dealers to buy koi from photos and videos. We have purchased and sold a number of koi via the listings on the website. To view the koi offered by the breeders, please see the link below. To get prices, contact us with the breeder, variety, and reference number and we will get a price.


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