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oggy"Pond rebuild: Window and water blade ???" 6:41pm Sunday 11th Oct
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Pond windows and water blade returns what’s your experience?

I am having my pond rebuilt, its 3000 gallons and has a liner. I’m changing to block/ brick and fibreglass etc. Going to have pillars built up and a roof running all the way across.

Pond Window
I want to know if you have had a window installed and would you recommend or do it again?
I know that koi usually look best viewed from above.
I have attached a picture of how my pond is at the moment all the sleepers will be replaced with brick. The pond is in the middle tier under the polycarb.

During the winter months when the covers and heater is on I would still be able to see them swimming whilst sat in my living room. I know there’s advantages to be able to see the sides of koi and under their bellies for general health.

I was also thinking if the glass sat back, not flush with the brick that I could even put a board in front with a nice picture of koi on if I didn’t want to clean all the time and have it sat in a recess and then remove in winter? Or would I bother if its there will I have it on show all the time? I don’t want a window where the glass is exposed at the top, I would have where the brickwork can go across.

Water blades
Currently I have a pipe running back into the pond through the side of wall but am thinking I might have a blade installed either instead or as well?
What’s peoples thoughts/experience?
Do I need to divert in winter months?
Do birds try to use?

Sorry for the long winded message and thank you in advance for any comments and thoughts.


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"RE: Pond rebuild: Window and water blade ???" 11:37pm Sunday 11th Oct

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Hi oggy,

Shame we have the pandemic, its best to view lots of ponds for ideas before doing your own.

Hopefully someone with experience will reply and be more useful than me. I am however at the early stages of planning two ponds one for my brother in law for spring and one for myself when and if I move any responses you get will hopefully be very useful to me too.

My thoughts.

Rebuild and running roof ,maybe you might want to consider extending this beyond the pond perimeters so that if in future you decide to put polycarb or blinds on the sides for winter you can still sit inside and enjoy your koi. Many are doing similar and I think I will go that way.

Window. I will have one for as you describe health reasons some people regularly net ,bowl and check the undersides of koi others don't and miss things that may have been seen through a window. When I have one I will not obscure it in any way. Am sure there must be some giant aquarium cleaning magnets to keep windows clean. maybe members will share how they clean windows.

Water blades seem to be a great idea to me built to run sideways seems to me a good idea to keep the pond moving in a direction round. Makes lots of sense to build in a bypass .

When you do go ahead please take pictures at every stage and share with the forum. They will be very useful to you and others in future.Hope it goes well for you.



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"RE: Pond rebuild: Window and water blade ???" 9:54pm Tuesday 13th Oct

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Sounds just like my pond Lynsey, Give me a call and we can have a chat. (Emailed my number)

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