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Whit79"Help with building my first koi pond" 4:53pm Monday 5th Oct
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Hi all, I’ll looking to start building my first koi pond which will be around 13,000 litres. I THINK I know what I’m doing just struggling with the liner choice. Would love a fibre glassed one but will have to settle with a box weld one as it’s £1000 more to get someone to glass it. Are the box welds any good? Pond will be around 3.2m square.
Thanks in advance.

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"RE: Help with building my first koi pond" 9:43pm Monday 5th Oct

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Hi Darren,
Hopefully someone with a boxweld will reply .Many years ago I had a liner made of tarpaulin for a very large tank it served me well for many years until I decommissioned it. Did pass the liner on to someone else to use but cannot remember who so do not know how long it lasted.
Real shame that we have this covid or you could have visited a few members for ideas.

What filtration ideas do you have?

Your pond size will probably be about 30 sq metres sides and base ,might be worth getting a few quotes for glassing might not be as much as you think.

Good luck, take pictures of every stage and please share with the forum.


Whit79"RE: Help with building my first koi pond" 5:10am Tuesday 6th Oct
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I was given a kockney koi 20000l filter and a large vortex. I also will have a filter on my skimmer but not sorted anything yet. There will be media in my waterfall reservoir as well so hopefully that will be enough. I have 5 koi in my standard pond now so will be taking them and leaving the gold fish etc. The first quote I got was £1750 for glassing and £700 for a box weld. I have so many questions!!!

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"RE: Help with building my first koi pond" 11:28am Sunday 11th Oct

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I have a box weld, fitted it 5 years ago. I did a bottom template from damp proof plastic.
Took it to Andy at 5 acre koi, who did the rest. Quite a good fit.

You really need to look at other ponds and get your ideas from them and think of the price.

Happy for you to visit my pond after the mini lock down in Sherwood.

As everyone says it's never big enough

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