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For Sale - Hobbyist small ads and wanted - non trade.


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"Koi to move on " 10:18am Saturday 18th Jul
joined: 5th Jun 09
last here: 8:02pm Saturday 18th Jul
posts: 644
from: doncaster

Got 5 maybie 7 koi to move on 40-45 cm happy to email pics
petefireblade"RE: Koi to move on" 12:41pm Saturday 18th Jul
joined: 10th Jul 10
last here: 9:13am Today
posts: 5
from: goole

Hi Adam, just e mailed you, we are looking for some new ones. If you could send through the photos that would be good.

Carlingchris"RE: Koi to move on" 8:06pm Saturday 18th Jul
joined: 19th Apr 14
last here: 8:46pm Sunday 15th Nov
posts: 43

Any chance of some photos please
eagleowl007"RE: Koi to move on" 6:41pm Wednesday 22nd Jul
joined: 6th Nov 05
last here: 9:22pm Monday 9th Nov
posts: 100
from: Sheffield

Can you email me some pictures please
jimmy69"RE: Koi to move on" 4:57pm Thursday 23rd Jul

joined: 13th Dec 10
last here: 12:51pm Thursday 26th Nov
posts: 168
from: GOOLE

Hi can you send pics to
Stevet720"RE: Koi to move on" 2:05pm Wednesday 19th Aug
joined: 19th Sep 18
last here: 7:30pm Saturday 17th Oct
posts: 14

I am interested in seeing too

07809 262736

Thanks steve

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