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Middy123"Pipe work " 11:26am Sunday 28th Jun
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I’m just in the middle of building my pond and I’m about to put the pipe work in but I’ve heard different way i.e pressure pipes and just normal 50mm pipe

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"RE: Pipe work" 9:34pm Sunday 28th Jun

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I used pressure pipe on mine. It may cost a bit more but there’s less chance of having any problems in my opinion

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"RE: Pipe work" 9:51am Monday 29th Jun | message edited once
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Probably not going with convention but I used solvent weld 40mm from wickes and saved a fortune.Been running 10 years now and no problems, just make sure use a good adhesive. Also got 110mm waste pipe and rubber fittings from there as well for bottom drain. Everyone does it differently. can only speak for what worked for me.

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"RE: Pipe work" 11:41am Monday 29th Jun

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I used normal solvent weld pipe and have not had any problems in 20 years. I would say if any of your pipe is open with a risk of anything hitting or people treading on it pressure pipe is the stronger option, but under ground or cover cant see any problem using normal pipe.

Be interesting if anyone has had any problems with std solvent weld pipe.


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