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This year's garden project Karenc 11:04am Thursday 18th Jun [open all]
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Karenc"This year's garden project" 11:04am Thursday 18th Jun

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Hubby decided he was fed up of looking at the rather large shrubs at the end of the garden (they were hiding the once used and now overgrown dilapidated veg area) and it was time to do something about it, he isn't the gardener, that's me but he's more than happy to get stuck in with the grafting side.
So out came the shrubs and 15ft holly tree (A great shame but eggs and omelettes and all that).
In went new fencing, went for all concrete as we were thinking about maintenance free as we get older, a greenhouse - whoop - and planting has occured, first sungold cherry toms are ripening normally grown in containers outdoors so we are a whole month ahead of where we normally are with them. Happy days!

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