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jimmy69"help please" 6:10pm Friday 22nd May

joined: 13th Dec 10
last here: 2:14pm Tuesday 2nd Jun
posts: 161
from: GOOLE

hi all I'm desperate for help and advice.
see vid of koi with a bacterial infection iv been cleaning and applying ulcer swab with a wound sealer but the problem is getting worse. im in Goole if anybody can save this large Kohaku
been trying to upload a small video but cant do it anyone who may be able to help I can send video by email or social media

why is it so hard to upload pics or vids on this site ?

YKS moderator team..
"RE: help please" 9:26pm Friday 22nd May

joined: 13th Jul 10
last here: 9:50pm Yesterday
posts: 2506
from: West Yorkshire

Hi Jimmy see below - Follow the instructions and you will load the pics - Sorry vids are not easy but you should not have any problem with the pics.

Regards Jim

Go to edit profile (Just ABOVE Chat tab) - Picture uploader – BROWSE to Choose picture file – Double click on pic req – Upload - The picture should now be saved on your profile – If you now go to your post – or reply to any posts – click on insert pic your last 6 pics should show top left, click on the one required and it should now be in the post."

big h"RE: help please" 6:48am Saturday 23rd May
joined: 1st Oct 06
last here: 6:48am Saturday 23rd May
posts: 1486
from: howden

Send me an email Jimmy with your number
jimmy69"RE: help please" 3:23pm Saturday 23rd May

joined: 13th Dec 10
last here: 2:14pm Tuesday 2nd Jun
posts: 161
from: GOOLE

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