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"2020 Photoshow (Pics)" 3:14pm Friday 22nd May | message edited 2 times

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Hi All

We have decided to run a one off Photoshow (Pics only) this year which you send a picture of one of your Koi to my email, I will then place all entries on the YKS Forum so each member can vote on which picture they like (Just like the members choice at our BBQ) please send the vote to me and I will announce 1st and second place. The prize will be 1st ( Large JBL test kit) 2nd prize (Small JBL test kit)
Sure you will agree these are excellent prizes Big thanks to Steve at JBL.
Please note all pics to be sent to this email 1 per YKS Member and once I have loaded them to the forum send your choice also to this email. ( Please note this is to YKS members only you have to be fully paid up members for 2020-21 like our usual photoshow)
Thanks everyone & please stay safe. (Pics to be in for Sat 20th June) I will post next day on this forum.

Best regards Jim

Steven Doneena

YKS club member
"RE: 2020 Photoshow (Pics)" 10:42pm Friday 22nd May | message edited once
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Good idea when is the closing date for entries?

We hope everyone is OK

Stay safe
Steven and Doneena

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"RE: 2020 Photoshow (Pics)" 10:01am Saturday 23rd May

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Nice idea Jimmy.

David_B"RE: 2020 Photoshow (Pics)" 9:56pm Wednesday 3rd Jun
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Nice idea in these times

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