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"Advice on using extra outlet on bio cham" 2:30pm Thursday 21st May | message edited once

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On my bio chamber I have one outlet on opposite side to the 2 4 inch inlets which I have a vari flow 20000 on one that’s directly opposite the 2 inlets and I have another 2 inch outlet this is on the same side as the 2 four inch inlets I’m wanting to put another pump on to reduce pull through bio so rather than blank an inlet from drum off could I just put another pump on the drain outlet that’s on same side of 2 inlets from drum and pump straight from there will be so much easier to do it like that and the water I pull from there will be taken from where drum inlets bio I will try and get a picture.Picture one shows the inlets with a / inch outlet I currently have a ball valve on which I wanted to put another vario pump on picture 2 shows the outlet I use with a vari flow 20000 on running at 70% what I wanted to do was slow the flow on this to 50% 10000 litres and put another 10000 on the other outlet I currently just have valve on and out a variflow 10000 on here running at 50 % just returning straight back to pond 5000 litres would this work and as it’s directly below inlets from drum would it slow the actual flow through bio chamber hope you can all understand what I’m trying to do I’m trying to slow flow through bio without having to blank an inlet from drum to bio off and use drain outlet sorry for such a long winded expkanation

4000 gallons queni koi drum and jbr plastics bio chamber drum fed from bottom drain 3 inch gravity skimmer also into drum 55 watt submersible uv 240 litres air and 12 fishI

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