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Wierd fish"Gate/slide valve " 1:32pm Saturday 9th May | Moved from For Sale
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Hi virgin poster but here goes!
Hello all and thank you for accepting me!
I woke this morning to hear my pump sucking air and noticed that no water was entering my pond, once I entered my shed where the filters are housed it was clear to see no water entering my vortex from the pond😬.
Checked the bottom drains and all looks good.
The slide valve operates as it should but still no water!
Can the slide valve break so is closes on its own without the pull rod closing?
If so can this be repaired or is a new one requires?
Thanks Weird Fish

YKS moderator team..
"RE: Gate/slide valve" 6:33pm Saturday 9th May

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Hi Jonny I would think if your slide valve was stuck closed and the actuating rod will still pull up and down that you would be able to tell by the resistance to movement (It would be much easier to move than before when it was working ok)
The bottom drain should have around 1/2 " gap all round the dome to pond bottom to allow enough water to pass to the filters (What size is you pipework from drain to filters and what distance).
I have had blanket weed block my pipework but it was in my QT where I only have 2" pipework from bottom drain to filter most pond will have 4" pipework.
I have also heard of drain domes moving downwards and restricting and eventually becoming fully closed and stopping flow.

Regards Jim


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"RE: Gate/slide valve" 8:42pm Saturday 9th May

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Hi Jonny,

Like Jim says you should be able to feel some resistance opening the valve.

If it was working the night before ok, the handle would have to have snapped, the gate slide shut, which i'm very sceptical of.

Do you have any blanket weed ? Have you treated for blanket weed lately ?

As Jim says i have heard on numerous occasions of the domes of bottom drains collapsing on the stem and effectively the weight of water on the dome blocking the flow.

If your slide valve is not far away from the entrance of the vortex and pipework is reasonably uncomplicated if you have a karacher drain cleaner etc you can pass it down the pipework to see if it passes the valve.



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"RE: Gate/slide valve" 9:56am Tuesday 19th May
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i have at least three gate valves where the slide has detached from the pull rod.try reinserting the rod and twisting it.slide valves are notoriously poor but fit in small spaces.

Wierd fish"RE: Gate/slide valve" 9:07am Friday 22nd May
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Thanks all for your replies!
Sorry for not getting back to you all but I was expecting an email when anyone commented.
All sorted replaced the slide valve as the paddle was broke all good now

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