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"Cancelations due to present climate" 9:52pm Thursday 19th Mar

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Hi all.

Due to the present climate and acceleration of the Coronavirus the committee have agreed to postpone the AGM and Photo show and the latter may not go ahead this year. We are hoping if possible to get some events scheduled but cannot look into anything until the developing crisis shows any improvement.

Please see all cancelled events below.

Photo show
Scottish Visit to YKS
South East visit to us and our return visit to them.

Not sure of the first supper as yet but will inform you when any decision is made.

These decisions have been made thinking of the welfare of members and hopefully we will come out of this crisis as soon as possible.

Regards Jim

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"RE: Cancelations due to present climate" 10:04pm Thursday 19th Mar | message edited once
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Makes perfect sense under the current climate, let’s hope it can be brought under control soon.



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"RE: Cancelations due to present climate" 10:06pm Thursday 19th Mar

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Hey Jim,

You can only do what you think is right, like you say you have to think not only of the welfare of your members but you have to think about the welfare of their families as well.

Just gotta hunker down in the bunker for 12 weeks and hopefully this nightmare will be over or at least under control when we come out the other side.


jap koi shaun

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"RE: Cancelations due to present climate" 10:57pm Thursday 19th Mar
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Message understood stay safe all .

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"RE: Cancelations due to present climate" 11:10pm Thursday 19th Mar | message edited once

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Given the latest government guidance Jim, I don't think you had any choice but to make the sensible decision to cancel all the upcoming events.

Am sure lots of people will be disappointed, but health comes before hobby.

Hopefully our forum and club members will get through this pandemic unscathed.

Perhaps we can come up with something on the forum to maintain interest.

Will give some people more time to queue for toilet rolls .


greysg"RE: Cancelations due to present climate" 8:29pm Friday 20th Mar

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Such a shame...but sensible as said.


Stephen & Anthony


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"RE: Cancelations due to present climate" 10:02am Saturday 21st Mar

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Absolutely the right decision. Yes it’s disappointing but we need to look after each other, ourselves, families and those vulnerable.

I can see this crisis going on for much longer than a few months and we will probably have another spike in cases when isolation rules are relaxed. If you know anyone who works in the health service maybe just check and see if they need anything, a lot of them have been struggling to get basic foods like milk, eggs and bread due to their shifts. I know certain stores are now allowing workers pre opening access to get essentials which is great.

It’s an absolute sh!t storm out there folks. We need to pull together and do what we can. Stay safe!


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