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pauland sue

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"Summer visit " 8:44pm Tuesday 17th Mar
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from: leeds

Hi guys the south east has just cancelled thier visit till 2021

4800gallons block built and fiberglassed 2x spindrifter bottoms ,profi combi 50, amalgam uv and a bakki shower and CL10

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"RE: Summer visit" 7:23pm Wednesday 18th Mar
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The way things are going at the moment I imagine there’ll be a lot more cancellations before the summers over, we closed our shop on Monday with most of our customers being told to work from home. The drop off in customers Friday afternoon and Monday was unreal.

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"RE: Summer visit" 9:02pm Wednesday 18th Mar

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Sorry to here the virus is having such an effect on your business Wayne.

Hopefully Boris will give a lifeline to all people affected .



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"RE: Summer visit" 10:08am Saturday 21st Mar

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Sorry to hear this wayne, it’s a difficult time. Any option for you to do a takeaway/ delivery service to try earn something?


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