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"Japan tomorrow." 7:33pm Monday 24th Feb
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One of my yearly trips begins tomorrow,what a pain,i suffer to to try to bring you all quality koi with show winning potential at realistic prices that most can afford.

I shall be at the ogata auction, see the post earlier from tb which will give you a link to follow.Will also visit Suetsugu,marachiku and okawa koi farms where hopefully i will make more selections.

This time i am being accompanied by my favourite photographer so watch out on this site and facebook for postings.

Thanks to those who have asked me to bid on their behalf,i will do my best.

heres hoping to a safe and successful trip.

regards chris m.



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"RE: Japan tomorrow." 7:43pm Monday 24th Feb

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All the best Chris. Hope you have an enjoyable and successful trip.


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"RE: Japan tomorrow." 10:19pm Monday 24th Feb

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Have an enjoyable and safe trip Chris.

Looking forward to the new stock and to David Baileys posts.

Does Tony know what he’s let himself in for with the cuisine and Saki?



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"RE: Japan tomorrow." 10:51pm Monday 24th Feb

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Not sure about the cuisine but do like saki.


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