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"THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY" 8:34pm Monday 10th Feb

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THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY, Allan Tait is always one of the very best koi speakers anywhere.

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE, non-club members are always welcome to come to a meeting and meet some members and see what the club is all about.

From Jimmy see below.

Hi guys just a reminder of the meeting Sun 16th Feb a talk/presentation by one of the UKs top Judges Allan Tait. Allan always gives a great & informative talk & slideshow well worth attending.

Usual venue be there 1.00-2.00 for pre tea & biscuits kick off 2.00.
Any raffle prizes very much appreciated.

Collingham Memorial Hall
Main Street
West Yorkshire
LS22 5AS


greysg"RE: THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY" 8:26pm Wednesday 12th Feb

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from: Tyne & Wear

Always an informative day with Allan. Enjoy.


Stephen & Anthony


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"RE: THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY" 10:23pm Wednesday 12th Feb

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Yes always enjoy and learn from Allan.

Its great to hear that you are getting better Stephen.

Bet Jimmy will be contacting you when you have recovered.


Steven Doneena

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"RE: THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY" 12:43pm Saturday 15th Feb
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We will be there

Steven and Doneena
jak_jones"RE: THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY" 7:20pm Friday 14th Feb
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from: Sheffield

Ooo I would be interested in this but I'm not a member. I've requested an application before but never had one sent
Would it be ok to come to this?


Craig Jones

YKS moderator team..
"RE: THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY" 8:43pm Friday 14th Feb

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from: York

Yes you are welcome to attend. Will try remember to bring some forms



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"RE: THIS SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY" 2:24pm Saturday 15th Feb

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from: Leeds

See you all tomorrow, looking forward to it.


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