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"Events 2021/22" 11:26pm Friday 3rd Jan | message edited 23 times

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from: West Yorkshire

5/6 June - YKS Members closed/photoshow judging

25th July Visit to members pond (Shaun Gee)

22nd Aug Annual BBQ and photoshow presentation (at Jims garden)

19 Sept Last Supper (To be arranged Paul Dixon)

Nov 21st YKS 1st winter meeting Collingham (To be arranged)

5th Dec YKS Christmas dinner White Horse Sharlston

Feb 20th 2022 2nd winter meeting Collingham - Dr David Pool
FishScience Ltd - Feeding for heath and colour.

April 24 2022 AGM Collingham

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"RE: Events 2020" 9:31pm Wednesday 17th Mar

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from: Leeds

Looking forward to it all Jimmy. Thanks for the update.

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"RE: Events 2020" 9:50pm Wednesday 17th Mar

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from: Halifax

Brilliant Jimmy hopefully getting back to normal

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"RE: Events 2020" 11:30pm Wednesday 24th Mar

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from: Selby, N.Yorks

It’s nice to get some activities in the diary Jimmy. Let’s hope Boris and COVID don’t derail the plans.
Steven Doneena

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"RE: Events 2020" 6:38am Saturday 27th Mar | message edited once
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Thank you jimmy
Looking forward to it all

Steven and Doneena

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