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For Sale - Hobbyist small ads and wanted - non trade.

Trout66"For Free" 11:28am Thursday 12th Dec
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Three large ghost koi looking for a new home. Approx 70 cm, and twenty years old. Calderdale area. fotos on request as having problems loading with a Mac.

Best James

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"RE: For Free" 9:47am Friday 13th Dec

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from: York

You may struggle with moving them on at this time of year. Not the best time weather wise as temps are low and they will be easily stressed. May have more luck next year when things have warmed back up.



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"RE: For Free" 12:16pm Tuesday 31st Dec
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from: Queensbury

Hi James

Any photos ?

Where in Calderdale ?

sa_runner"RE: For Free" 5:50pm Wednesday 8th Jan
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Hi James....

can you send some photo...

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