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"Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 5:32pm Sunday 1st Dec | message edited once

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from: West Yorkshire

Hope everyone enjoyed todays Christmas Dinner myself and Mandy enjoyed the meal and did quite well on the raffle for a change well done the table who won the Quiz.

A few pics below hope you all have a great Christmas and New year.

Some great raffle prizes big thanks to all who donated & to sponsors Chris Masters - A19 koi and Steve at JBL for some great prizes.

Regards Jim

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 5:46pm Sunday 1st Dec

joined: 22nd Feb 19
last here: 12:22pm Today
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from: Leeds

Thanks to all who were involved in organising the Christmas dinner.

Nice to see everyone. Thank you to all those who donated prizes and all the sponsors.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Steve and Jan

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 6:15pm Sunday 1st Dec

joined: 6th Mar 10
last here: 7:19am Wednesday 4th Dec
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from: castleford

Yes had a very enjoyable dinner and good company big thanks to all involved
Ron eaton

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 7:10pm Sunday 1st Dec
joined: 24th Oct 18
last here: 8:24pm Friday 6th Dec
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Well done to all involved had a great meal enjoyed it thanks everyone

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 7:19pm Sunday 1st Dec

joined: 30th Jun 11
last here: 1:43pm Today
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from: Halifax

What a lovely Christmas dinner as usual. Great company and some cracking raffle prizes. Well done to everyone involved in organising this annual event

pauland sue

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 8:50pm Sunday 1st Dec
joined: 7th Jan 11
last here: 12:57pm Tuesday 3rd Dec
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from: leeds

Well done all who organised it lovely meal nice company and didnt we do well on the raffle some lovely prizes roll on next year

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jap koi shaun

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 9:23pm Sunday 1st Dec
joined: 2nd May 10
last here: 10:05am Tuesday 3rd Dec
posts: 35
from: broomfleet e.yorks

Linda and I really enjoyed today thanks to all involved and thanks for my test kit from the raffle all the very best to one and all.

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 9:43pm Sunday 1st Dec

joined: 25th Jun 17
last here: 10:44pm Thursday 5th Dec
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from: Selby, N.Yorks

Thanks to all involved with the organisation. Another enjoyable afternoon with good company and food. The start of Christmas Dinner season!

Andy and Gina

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 9:44pm Sunday 1st Dec
joined: 16th Jul 06
last here: 1:45pm Today
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from: Yorkshire

Thank you. All good. Very nice company.

Michael and Lyn

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jane s

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 4:08pm Monday 2nd Dec
joined: 18th Apr 11
last here: 8:57pm Thursday 5th Dec
posts: 165
from: goole

Great day, meal, raffle & company as usual, well done to those involved👏👏

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 9:45am Tuesday 3rd Dec

joined: 8th Nov 12
last here: 9:48am Tuesday 3rd Dec
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from: York

Enjoyed the day, nice to see everyone. As jim says thank you to our sponsors and those who brought prizes, thanks Jim for organising it.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2020


Steven Doneena

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"RE: Todays YKS Christmas Dinner" 7:55am Today
joined: 20th Feb 17
last here: 8:38am Today
posts: 57

Thanks for another good event
We hope you all have a good Xmas and an even better new year

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