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"winter routine" 10:40am Sunday 24th Nov
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Hi all,

just wondering what everyone does with the koi and ponds in terms of winter preparation?
do you do routine scrapes?
treat blind just in case?

we have got our covers on now and have deep cleaned the filter and purged the bottom drains. a couple of koi get a little red near their mouth's and underside of gills around this time of the year. going to give the aqua source vitalize a go and see if that helps. if not will likely need to scrape while still at 16C.

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"RE: winter routine" 9:48pm Sunday 24th Nov

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Not put the covers on this year still at 16 deg. We have bought some marquee sides with windows to enclose over winter as a trial. Will post some pics when sorted.


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"RE: winter routine" 12:04am Monday 25th Nov | message edited once

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Hi Pete ,

In the last few weeks have been preparing for winter with my normal October pond filter extra deep clean routine.

All filters are systematically deep cleaned, with a good water change after each bay followed by the addition of virkon. water parameters are checked after each bay sometimes recently have found incoming water supply with a low ph and had to correct.

Water fountain is switched off, covers have been sterilised with virkon ready to go partially on probably next week and fully on when it becomes colder.

Pond will not be heated unless its extremely cold for an extended period.

Shower but not other filtration will be turned off (and media cleaned ready for spring) for winter when covers go fully on .

Water parameters will be checked weekly ,bottom drains purged weekly.

Koi are fed small amounts of saki multiseason when they are actively looking for food ONLY.

When covers are fully on they will be pulled back to view koi daily and koi fed only if deemed necessary (in deepest winter time koi may go several weeks without food).

Will be a maintained trickle in throughout winter, salt level will be maintained at 1/2 ounce per gallon all winter.

Fingers crossed for a short winter, and more important a quick rise in temperature after winter.( should really heat after winter but am a cross between a tight Yorkshireman and a poor pensioner).

Grow on tank kept heated minimum 16c (not totally tight) .


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