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"Todays meeting" 5:23pm Sunday 17th Nov | message edited once

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Great Presentation today by Ray & Kim from Accrington Bonsai really enjoyed it & sure everyone else did.
Few pics below

A few of Ray & Kim's Bonsai

The start of re-shaping Tony's tree

Finished article for Tony to grow on Ime sure he will keep us posted on its development.

All our thanks go to Ray & Kim for a great talk.

Regards Jim

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"RE: Todays meeting" 5:27pm Sunday 17th Nov
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from: yorkshire

Very good informative talk, really enjoyed it and some nice bonsai on display



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"RE: Todays meeting" 6:24pm Sunday 17th Nov

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Really enjoyed the talk and learnt a good bit more.

Many thanks to Ray and Kim for starting a tree on a journey for me ,I had been undecided what to do with it but certainly would not have done as Ray and Kim did.

Hopefully I will post another picture in a nice pot in a couple of years time.

Lol took it home and showed Lorraine, she said it was nice ,but that she had thought of making a nice shrub of it.

Shame Jim did not have the bottle to have Mandy's azalea styled ,but at least now he might water it.



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"RE: Todays meeting" 6:55pm Sunday 17th Nov
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from: Wakefield

Yes all of you that did not come to today’s meeting missed a good one.

Thank you to all that attend.

Hope to see you all at the Christmas dinner.

Glenn 👍

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"RE: Todays meeting" 10:50pm Sunday 17th Nov | message edited once
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from: Bradford.

Sorry I could not make it.
I dont have a motor anymore and I had nobody to bring me.

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"RE: Todays meeting" 12:23pm Monday 18th Nov

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from: castleford

Sorry I mist this one but I was in Bridlington having a light ale or two

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"RE: Todays meeting" 7:45pm Monday 18th Nov

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Yes, an enjoyable and informative presentation, and I do not have a bonsai.

Good to catch up with everyone too.

greysg"RE: Todays meeting" 11:02pm Wednesday 20th Nov

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from: Tyne & Wear

Glad you all had a great day, we would have loved to have attended, but just could not make it.


Stephen & Anthony

Steven Doneena

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"RE: Todays meeting" 9:31pm Thursday 21st Nov
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Thanks for organising another great meeting

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