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For Sale - Hobbyist small ads and wanted - non trade.


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"Help required" 11:16am Thursday 7th Nov

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Hi Guys wondering if anyone could help Simon around this area I will give you his numbers if you are able. Regards Jim

I would be grateful for some help. Due to good old Father Time I need to clear my pond and in-fill to make maintenance easier in my garden.

Do you have a member in the Bradford, Keighley area who could help me net my fish? I have two koi and 3 golden orfe which need a larger net than I have. Also I feel an expert would make catching them very much easier and less stressful for the fish if someone could help.

I would like to sell the fish. ACW garden centre in Harden are interested but I would like to find someone who would give them a good home.

If any of your members could help l would be very grateful.

Simon Dickerson

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