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"Keeping them in the dark?" 2:49pm Wednesday 6th Nov | message edited once

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Keeping them in the dark?

Been told that keeping koi in the dark will bring out underlying sumi a few questions?

1/Has anyone used this method?

2/ Did it work?

3/Did it have any effect on the white , red ,or other colouring?

4/ How dark e.g. subdued light,pitch black,?

5/Were they kept in the dark 24 hours a day or allowed any daylight?

6/ If it worked how long did it take weeks, months ?

Thanks in advance for any responses.



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"RE: Keeping them in the dark?" 9:40pm Wednesday 6th Nov

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I have seen small fish grown on in garages with only one window and the red has faded + the pattern on two Ochiba's faded but not sure about Sumi.


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