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"November prize draw" 11:25pm Friday 1st Nov

joined: 13th Jul 10
last here: 6:03pm Today
posts: 2339
from: West Yorkshire

Hi guys this months prize will be a 3kg bag of Aqua source all season food.

As Tony says you have to post to have a chance of winning. (The more you post the more chance of winning.

Good luck Jim.

YKS club member
"FORUM November FREE prize draw" 12:56am Saturday 2nd Nov

joined: 6th Mar 10
last here: 10:20am Today
posts: 6350

FORUM November FREE prize draw, well done Jim another great prize.

Good luck to all, but I am going to try to win this one.


DD"RE: FORUM November FREE prize draw" 8:19am Saturday 2nd Nov
joined: 19th Jun 16
last here: 8:22am Saturday 2nd Nov
posts: 20
from: Sheffield

Really good prize, and good idea for members,
Dave R
JAKE"RE: FORUM November FREE prize draw" 9:39am Saturday 2nd Nov
joined: 27th Aug 09
last here: 10:36pm Yesterday
posts: 520
from: Rotherham

Well done jimmy


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