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DD"Enclosing pond." 11:35pm Thursday 31st Oct
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from: Sheffield

Enclosing pond next weekend, using uPVC and leaving air gap at top.
Large window opening at front, so I can clean window in pond. Any other
recommendations ?

Dave R.
andikoi"RE: Enclosing pond." 3:14pm Friday 1st Nov
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from: wakefield,west yorkshire

when i built mine i enclosed with upvc and solid roof,i never really thought about cleaning inside of upvc glass lol,ok with a small pond but mines 6mx3m and its down the 6m side i cant get to lol,wish id put openers in them all,,,,andi

5000g . 2 spindrifters.each to a kc-10 drum and returning over momotoro bakki shower with 70kg of bhm. Nexus 200 on skimmer
DD"RE: Enclosing pond." 8:22am Saturday 2nd Nov
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from: Sheffield

Thanks Andy, my pond is approx, 3.5 x 1.9m, opening on length is 900mm, so hopefully won't have a problem.
Dave R

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"RE: Enclosing pond." 3:43pm Saturday 2nd Nov

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Hi Dave I use Tri glaze conservatory roof sheeting just rest on top of the pond walls 7ft x 12ft surface area. These do fine I do pull one back through the daytime and slide back at night the sheets are about 6-8 inch from the water level but I do have a pitched roof on my pergola so laying them flat is ok as rain & snow seldom get to them.


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"RE: Enclosing pond." 6:38pm Saturday 2nd Nov
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I have a poly carb sheeting, built on a wooden frame, at an angle, so the rain and condensation runs off. It works really well. Keeps the heat in, however, I have plans to change next year.


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