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"Pond temperature " 6:40pm Monday 7th Oct

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from: Halifax

For those of you who are heated what’s your autumn winter temperatures

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"RE: Pond temperature" 7:36pm Monday 7th Oct

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Ime at 19 deg at the moment Kev but will be reducing to 12 over winter.


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"RE: Pond temperature" 7:52pm Monday 7th Oct

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from: Halifax

I took mine down to 12 for the first time last year Jim and stopped feeding for two months. Previously I’ve kept it at 14 and carried on feeding. I think the koi have been a lot better this year for having the break

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"RE: Pond temperature" 1:53pm Tuesday 8th Oct
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I am going to drop my temperature to 13.5 degrees over winter. Same as last year. Heater currently set at 13.5 and natural weather change is gradually lowering temperature.

10,000 gals. ProfiDrum CombiBio 50, Duratech 19+ Heat Pump, Bakki Shower.

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"RE: Pond temperature" 11:00am Wednesday 9th Oct
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I have always recommended that approach,it pays dividends,ie no fat fish.Wish i could apply it to myself.
pauland sue

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"RE: Pond temperature" 2:08pm Tuesday 8th Oct
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I am down to 15d and feeding hikari wheatgearm not going beyond 10d this winter I went to 8d last year and the fish did not like it

4800gallons block built and fiberglassed 2x spindrifter bottoms ,profi combi 50, amalgam uv and a bakki shower and CL10

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"RE: Pond temperature" 11:50pm Tuesday 8th Oct

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Michael, with your superb enclosed set up I don't think the heater will be on too much.

Loads of people have different views on this ,many say for low cost heating 8c to just stop temp going too low or not less than 12/13c to avoid aeromona,s alley.

For me pond will be well covered with thick polycarb and unheated with a constant trickle in.

Indoor tank undecided but not less than 14c.


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