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paul76050"Feeding" 3:27pm Today
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A bit of a silly question really
I went fishing at the weekend and caught just a couple of small perch. Noone else on the pond caught a thing all day
I have noticed that since the weekend my fish have not really eaten either. The water parameters are all good and no parasites as far as I can see.
Is this something to do with air pressure as my temperature is stable at 20c
I wonder if not catching whilst fishing and the koi not eating are in some way connected by something I don't understand
Interested to hear your thoughts

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"RE: Feeding" 3:54pm Today | message edited once
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I hope you aren't on to something as im off down the river severn tomorrow for a few days fishing , my koi are mad for the food at the moment so I hope the barbel are as well. Pete

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