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"Thanks" 4:15pm Sunday 7th Jul | message edited once
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Firstly apologies for not being involved over the last month, or being quiet on the forum. What spare time I have had has been spent on organising the revamp on my filtration.

I would like to thank Laura, Jimmy and Chris at Koimasters for sharing their precious time, helping and giving advice.

After poor advice on my original pond build, I would like to say a massive thank you to Darren at Absolute Koi and Craig from Akahana Koi who came, gave me some real solid advice, has been honest from start to finish and has put a great filtration system on my pond.

Next step is to move on a few Koi 😢 and improve my stock next year.

Thank you to all.

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"RE: Thanks" 9:11pm Sunday 7th Jul

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Great news Steve, Keep us posted and some pics when you get your new arrivals.


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"RE: Thanks" 9:31pm Monday 8th Jul

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Nice to have you reappear Steve glad things are looking up!
Always happy to help where I can. looking forward to seeing your pond and fish.


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