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"PH Results" 12:09pm Thursday 4th Jul
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My tap PH is 7.0
My pond PH reading is 7.8

Should I be worried. It has been 7.8 all this year. So it is stable in the pond.


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"RE: PH Results" 1:20pm Thursday 4th Jul

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I’m 7.2 from tap 7.4 pin pond kh is 120 ppm 6.7 dkh don’t think I’d be worried as long as it’s stable at that

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"RE: PH Results" 10:00pm Thursday 4th Jul

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My Tap is 7.2 pond 8 but stable don't change morning to night so yours should be fine.


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"RE: PH Results" 10:24pm Monday 8th Jul

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if you leave a glass of water to stand for a few hours its PH will usually increase.

if you have air going into the pond water then this will increase the ph by driving off CO2 (acidic) and promoting more O2 (alkaline) hence the more air you add the higher your ph will go to a certain extent.


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