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kitsu"Air Pumps" 3:25am Tuesday 4th Jun

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Have you got enough air?

We recommend 20 - 40 litres per minute of air per 1000 gallons for koi ponds, this will give your fish enough oxygen to thrive even in the hottest weather.

If your current air pumps are falling short, are noisy, or you just like shiny, new things (Who doesn't?), then why not check out our range of air pumps.

New to our online store today, we have the Charles Austen range of ET air pumps, from 40 litres per minute through to 120 litre per minute, starting at £87.95. Don't forget all orders over £50 including carriage.

Air Pumps


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"RE: Air Pumps" 7:50am Tuesday 4th Jun

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Good pumps Charles Austen .


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