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For Sale - Hobbyist small ads and wanted - non trade.

Walker507"Pond Closure" 4:01am Friday 10th May
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Full pond closure

I have a variety of fish some Koi some gold fish etc etc

the main Koi i have is I think a Ghost Koi and is about 28 years old, a couple of others are relatively large all others medium to small including last years off spring

is anyone interested

based at Crofton Near Wakefield

matthewmorgan"RE: Pond Closure" 6:19am Friday 10th May

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from: pontefract

Hi how big is the ghost carp please
sa_runner"RE: Pond Closure" 6:10pm Friday 17th May
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Hi Robert,

Do you have any of the "last year offspring " still available......if yes i would be interested


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