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"Photo Show" 6:59pm Sunday 28th Apr
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from: Wakefield

I would just like to say a big thank you to the show team.
Jimmy,Laura ,and of course a big thank you to Anthony and Steven.
Unfortunately the weather was not good but still enjoyed.

Hope you have a better day today (Sunday)weather wise



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"RE: Photo Show" 8:59pm Sunday 28th Apr
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Just like to second Glenn's comments. Your efforts in the rain were much appreciated. Pete

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"RE: Photo Show" 10:40pm Sunday 28th Apr

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The sun has been shining so far ,but clouds are ominous.

Big thanks to Laura, Jim and the two North east gents Stephen and Anthony. The effort that these guys put in to the club on our behalf is fantastic. What a long hard working weekend they have all had .with still more ponds to go and a long drive home.



YKS moderator team..
"RE: Photo Show" 5:09am Monday 29th Apr

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from: West Yorkshire

Had a great weekend and we have seen some superb fish (Credit to you all) Stephen & Anthony have got their work cut out choosing the winners this year.

Thank you all for your hospitality 2nd to none as usual Laura for all her help and support and Stephen & Anthony for giving up their weekend for our club cannot thank them enough.

Just one of the stunners on show.


YKS moderator team..
"RE: Photo Show" 5:56am Monday 29th Apr

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from: York

Thanks Jim, I think you also deserve praise for being our chauffeur for the weekend!

Huge thanks to Anthony & Stephen, it’s been a good weekend with some stunning koi to admire and set ups to see.

Thank you everyone for your hospitality, we really are lucky to have you all as members.



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"RE: Photo Show" 6:39am Monday 29th Apr | message edited 2 times

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What a lovely sanke, will probably get even better. The owner choose very, very well. I hope he is going to enter it in other shows.

Laura the club and forum are very lucky to have committee members like yourself and Jim and others who put in lots of work seen and unseen on our behalf.

We are also very lucky to have brilliant koi people like Stephen and Anthony who really put themselves out to support our club.

Hopefully our club will return the favour by supporting their club.


Paul Dodsworth

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"RE: Photo Show" 7:12am Monday 29th Apr
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last here: 10:54pm Wednesday 3rd Jul
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Lovely sanke!

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"RE: Photo Show" 3:44pm Monday 29th Apr
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from: yorkshire

A massive thanks to all involved for giving their time and effort to make the show possible, thoroughly enjoyed being part of the show again. Thanks again to all involved.


greysg"RE: Photo Show" 7:02am Tuesday 30th Apr

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from: Tyne & Wear

Many thanks everyone, Anthony and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend...even the Saturday (cold and wet). Your hospitality warmed us up!

Good luck to all who participated the standard is very high...again.


Stephen & Anthony

AnthonyG"RE: Photo Show" 4:30am Wednesday 1st May | message edited once

joined: 24th Nov 07
last here: 9:01pm Saturday 20th Jul
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from: North East

As my dad has already said, thank you all for a great weekend, and superb hospitality once again.

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend…

Good luck to all who entered.

Kind Regards


bazkoi"RE: Photo Show" 6:05am Wednesday 1st May

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from: methley leeds

Wish all that entered the best of luck and hope the best fish wins god I do miss these events and a big thumbs up to all that have made these events happen , i,m sure all you’re members are more than appreciative of all your efforts and look forward to seeing the results

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