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eclipse.f.m"WANTED ++ amalgam UV ++" 3:24am Thursday 4th Apr

joined: 16th Jan 15
last here: 11:29am Yesterday
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from: Sheffield

I’m after an amalgam u.v

Thought I would give it a try for a second hand one before I go and buy a new one.

Thank you

savo"RE: WANTED ++ amalgam UV ++" 4:03am Friday 12th Apr
joined: 11th Oct 10
last here: 8:02pm Sunday 16th Jun
posts: 171
from: boston lincolnshire

Will have mine for sale once iv sold everything

6,000gallon block and fibre glass pond with two bottom drains,two 130heat exchangers on oil, one aquamax 12,000 pump,one superfish 15,000, 75watt koi pro uv,100ltr medo air pump,nexus 210,ub60 with kinshi sieve.

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