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"My next japan trip 5/3 to 14/3/2019" 4:09am Tuesday 12th Feb
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I shall be visiting the following farms,Suetsugu,Ogata,Marachiku,and Okawa.

It will be the ogata auction on the 8/3 and the koi to be auctioned will be posted on his web site a few days before so if you are interested in any give me a call and a budget to bid for.

I believe all these farms are extremely safe with strong virus prevention regimes,some also have gill lamellae biopsy testing in place.

Any purchases i make should be here before end of april.

regards chris m.

stevew"RE: My next japan trip 5/3 to 14/3/2019" 7:06pm Saturday 16th Feb
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Nice to see you up & running again pal
Have a good trip


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