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kitsu"5 Top Products for Koi Ponds in October" 5:39am Wednesday 3rd Oct | message edited once

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October is for many the last month of the koi season before the temperatures drop and the covers go on. Here are our top 5 products for koi keepers this month!

1. Aqua Source Balance Enzyme and Remedy Twin Pack

Give your koi a boost and lead them in to winter in tip top condition. Remedy and Enzyme promote healthy koi by revitalizing and replenishing valuable enzymes to boost the immune and digestive system.

2. Kusuri 8pc Wound Kit

Check over your koi before winter sets in and clean and seal any wounds. Once the temperature and sunlight drops, the koi will shut down and that will affect healing. Do it now! The Kusuri kit contains all you need to clean and seal ulcers and minor abrasions.

3. Milwaukee MW-11 Total Chlorine Photometer

Test the output from your dechlorinator before winter. Water changes shouldn't stop, so don't get caught out with underperforming carbon cartridges.

4. A heating 'system'

Whether an inline electric heater, air source heat pump, or gas/oil system, we supply everything you need to keep your koi cozy in winter. We also offer a fitting service.

5. Aqua Source Wheatgerm

Perfect winter food for koi - easily digestible, low waste, and excellent value for money.


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