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Koimasters Last few Tosai koimasters 5:46am Monday 20th Aug [open all]
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"Koimasters Last few Tosai" 5:46am Monday 20th Aug
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I have a few hi quality kohaku left for discerning customers who want to grow a koi that will get better with a good keeper.
As i am trying to minimise the number i have to keep into autumn for various reasons these koi have been reduced in price,not to half price as i dont like to sell at a loss or do i inflate the initial price to such a level that i am able to do that.

in addition to the kohaku are a few small sanke,a cracking deutz yamatonishiki,a nice 2 step kikusui,maybe 20 pieces in all out of my tosai for sale this year.

they have all been heat ramped and hand selected by me and have been in the uk since march.

watch out there is khv about.

regards chris m.


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