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Pond closure items for sale sid49 5:51pm Monday 18th Dec [open all]
RE: Pond closure items for sale jubblyray 12:34pm Sunday 31st Dec


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"Pond closure items for sale" 5:51pm Monday 18th Dec
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I have the following items for sale

Profi drum 55-40 complete with amalgam uv( bulb 6 months old), header tank for washing screen, high pressure pump 12 months old, auto cut off switch, £1750

2m stainless bakki shower £1250 or £2000 with 150kg genuine BHM

Dura +7 ashp come with tray defrost £850

Genuine BHM £95 per 15kg bag

Matsuda koi sock waterproof 27cm new £55 now reserved
Matsuda koi sock waterproof 30cm new £65 now reserved

EA 20000 vario pump 6 months old £175 now reserved

10000 vario pump brand new still boxed £150

EA ap70 air pump £85

1m measuring bowls £80 each (3available) 2 reserved

20”jumbo 3 pod purifier comes with 5or6 new pre filters £75

Contact me on 07939820472 if anything is of interest thanks, pictures can be seen on our Facebook pages


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