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Help needed to rehome/sell koi & pond WhiteApple 9:47am Monday 11th Dec [open all]
RE: Help needed to rehome/sell koi & pond koinorth 9:47pm Monday 11th Dec

WhiteApple"Help needed to rehome/sell koi & pond" 9:47am Monday 11th Dec | Moved from Chat
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Hi I have been directed to your forum by a friend as I desperately need help with the rehoming of at least 15 koi and the pond equipment currently in use.
Sadly my brother passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. I am trying to sort out his property and belongings. His great passion was his pond and koi. I have tried to sell on his fish and the equipment to a few people that we thought might be interested but I appreciate that December is not the ideal time to be moving fish around unfortunately though the property is a council owned one and they want it back (with no sign of a pond) by the end of this week.

Could anyone help me with rehoming the fish and/or disconnecting and purshasing any of the pond equipment?

I know very little about koi or ponds but I do know that the set up is a good o e and the fish are in good health. I appreciate that I won’t get anything like their true value but tbh any money revived will go towards my brothers funeral costs but more importantly I’m concerned with the safety and welfare of the fish.

I can provide more photos of fish and equipment although I have struggled to upload them all onto this platform.

The pond is in Barnsley, S71 and I will be there throughout the week and weekend.

Many thanks for reading this far and I look forward to hearing from anyone that might be able to assist in some way.

Many thanks

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